Sapele and Maple Carver's Mallet

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This handmade carver's mallet is made from laminated sapele and maple hardwoods.

I offer them in a variety of sizes, and can build to order/size to fit your hand and carving needs. Please contact me for more details. The one pictured is 13" by ~4" diameter (at the largest width).

The carver's mallet is round with a tapered head. It excels at driving gouges and other various tools to create intricate carvings. The round shape gives the user excellent directional control. This one is on the larger side, however, carving mallets can vary greatly in size. Large mallets do the heavy lifting, while smaller ones are used for detailed work.


  • Handmade Item
  • Materials: Canadian hard Maple, Sapele, Boiled Linseed Oil, Beeswax
  • Ships From Canada

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